Friday, March 29, 2013

Cookies & Cakepops!

Well hello and HAPPY FRIDAY to you!!!  It is Good Friday today, and I do thank God daily for all the blessings in my life......
I've been busy baking, cookie decorating and cake-popping the past few days!!  I enjoy this all so much, but it does take time!!  Lots of time!!  The results are yummy and oh so cute!!!

Here are my finished goodies:

These cute bunny face cake pops are funfetti vanilla inside, with added sprinkles!

And these wacky chick pops are lemon inside!  Totally yummy!!  I also decorated a few in the background, with jelly bellys and sprinkles, they are just so festive, I kinda just like looking at them  :-) 

Then I out-lined all the cookies, I am in crafty heaven when I do this.........ahhhhhhhh.

These cookie cutters are from Sweet Dani B (so are the sheep and chicks).  They ARE the cutest, and these are nice and big, and easy to decorate!!  I followed Sweet Dani B's decor ideas, and used the jelly bellys!!  Can these bunnies in the cracked egg get any happier or cuter???

So bright and colorful, and the jelly bellys add a little different texture to the cookie, and I must say, I kinda like it!

And here is Peter Cottontail!

And some sweet little bunnies, ummmm, most of these bunnies lost their ears, I don't think I will use this cutter next year!!  Their ears broke off too easily!!

More of Peter Cottontail, all dressed up and ready for Easter!

These chicks/birdies are so darn cute!  This cookie cutter along with the sheep below are from Sweet Dani B.  The chicks are just iced and sprinkles are added!!  Yum!

And I just love these sheep.....They're kind of primitive looking and just adorable!!  On the Sweet Dani B website, she added the marshmallows!  Some of my sheep are just sprinkled with jimmies, one has the large sugar chunks, there are marshmallows, and one has pina colada jelly bellys cut in half as the added texture!

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog today!  The past couple of days were so fun creating all these goodies!  I love all the little details!  I shipped some up to my kids and grandkids, I hope they make it without breaking!!  And my family will enjoy the rest of them on Easter Sunday.
If you are interested in the recipes for the cookies or the icing, leave me a comment, and I will post the recipes!!  Have a lovely Easter!!  He is Risen!!


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