Tuesday, January 15, 2013

THEE Copic Workshop!!

Hello and Happy Tuesday!  Today I am going to share about the (thee!) Copic Workshop I attended at the Red Lion Hotel in Anaheim last week.  It was a build-up to the CHA (Craft & Hobby Association) Convention that started this past Saturday, and is over today.
I also attended the Copic Standard Certification class, so I can officially TEACH coloring (I learned so much)!!!  How fun is that!?  Fun AND therapeutic!!!  So here are some of the projects we did during the workshop:

This was just a "doodle" I did.  The workshop helps the "artist" to come out of their shell...  When I heard we were going to "doodle" - yikes, I can't "doodle"...  Altho I do remember doodling on my Pee-Chee Folder in high school.  Our Pee-Chees at the time had no color!!  But it was fun to add it....
The "doodle" in the photo above was my effort, I had some caffeine earlier so my circles and lines are a little wiggly, but I was ok with the way it came out.  Something new, a bit out of my comfort zone!!

We also learned to use the Copic Airbrush System.  I wasn't sure about this either but ended up loving it!!  Here are a few of my projects and yes, some of them look like they were done by kindergartners!!
The photo above, I LOVE, this was using a stencil!!  How pretty is that?

So this was more stenciling, the city skyline is so cool, and it's all airbrushed.

This one with the sun is on a different type of paper, we just put drops of the copic ink and let it run around.

And this was coloring on fabric, I love this little impression from My Favorite Things Rubber Stamps.    This little cutie is Doodle Garden Sweet Friend.  Isn't she adorable??  This is a little fabric bag, we learned to color on it, how cute would it be with a Happy Valentine's Day stamped on there and filled with someone's favorite chocolate!

This little guy was colored by one of the other ladies taking the workshop, I didn't get her name but she was there to support Operation Write Home at CHA.  She did a beautiful job on this little Valentine Doodle Garden I'm Raptor Around Your Finger!!!

This was colored  by another attendee, and I didn't get her name either, but love the color combo she used!!  Kind of Americana!!

The workshop was AWESOME!  I learned so many new techniques, and the whole time it felt like I was "playing".  I want a job where I get to do this ALL the time, stamping, coloring, pinning, - that would be the PERFECT job!!
Thank you for stopping by today, have a FUN-FILLED day!!



  1. Awesome post! I'm so happy you shared what you made in class. Everything is awesome! Love that damask in the air brushing - so cool. And, that little dinosaur is too sweet! Have a wonderful day!! :-)

  2. Kristy-
    Was it Sandy from Operation Write Home? I know she was there, I saw her at CHA! What fun this workshop sounds! I can't wait until next year! I hope to sell some of my stamps so I can afford to go! I love your doodle! Check out my blog to see my first stamp set to be released, called Joyful Jar Drinks. Have a great week!