Saturday, November 3, 2012

Candy Cars!!!

Hi and a Happy Saturday to you!

Today I'm sharing something I found on Pinterest.  They are called Milky Way Racing Cars.  I thought they looked pretty easy so I gave it a try!!

If you keep clicking on the picture of the cars in Pinterest it takes you to this blog, Speckled Freckle, and she gives you instructions on how to put them together.

On Speckled Freckle's blog, it looks like she successfully put the teddy cookie in the Milky Way without cracking the candy bar.  When I tried to put teddy in there, the Milky Way cracked, so I cut off below his belly and glued him on the car with chocolate.

I made some with pink m n m's for my grand-daughter, along with the other colors for my grandson.  They were a big HIT!!  I didn't have any milk chocolate "melts" at home, so I used white chocolate. I think they look better using the milk chocolate, so next time!!  They would make great treats for a birthday party, as you can see on Speckled Freckle's blog!  

These are too easy, and your kids/grandkids will love them!

Have a great Saturday!!  Thank you for stopping by!!


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