Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Anniversary Honey!

Hi - YAY it's Wednesday!  It's also anniversary #15 for me and my honey!!  So here's the card I made him!

The stamp set used is Happy Trails from Taylored Expressions..  We always get each other cards with 2 animals on them.  One of the animals is me, and the other is my honey..  I'd say most of the time they are bears, but they have been dogs, skunks, moose(s?), bunnies, etc.....

The bears are holding hands because it's their anniversary.... The mountains are polka dots because we can make the mountains any color when we're papercrafting..  And there is some glitter sprinkled on the snow peaked mountains.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed this beary sweet anniversary card!  Have a great
day today!!



  1. Hey Kristy, it's your pinning friend Sandy Knight! Your cards are so pretty. I knew you must have a blog since you pinned a lot of cards. So glad I found it! I have a two blogs, one is for cards, but I don't post very often. The other is just life stuff so I can go back and remember what I was doing from year to year. Just wanted to say hello!

    1. Hi Sandy! Yeah I see you pinning when I'm pinning sometimes.
      What is the name of your blog so I can check it out? :-)
      I post off and on, the card making is a passion, I love pinterest because it gives me
      so many ideas!!! I'd love to check out your blogs! Have a great day!! See ya on Pinterest!!

  2. Mine are and

    I love Pinterest. I work on my computer from home, so I go over on Pinterest all the time to take a quick a break and see what's out there.

    1. Hi Sandy! I checked out your blogs! I LOVE your cards and projects! Too cute! I see you like PTI also!! Funny thing, when I was a teenager we had 2 pugs, Willie (Nelson) and Dollie (Parton)...They were the sweetest little dogs! Today my mom has whippets..
      I'll be checking your blogs!! Thanks!

  3. Ahh! How cute! :) Congrats on 15 wonderful years!! :D