Friday, June 29, 2012

Raspberry Pickin'......

Hi, YAY it's FRIDAY!!!  HAPPY WEEKEND!!  I haven't posted for about a week and last weekend I was up in Vancouver, WA for a long Gramma's weekend.  It was a nice 4 day weekend and on Monday we went Raspberry picking at Philbrook Farms.  It was the first day for Raspberries!

So we put the kiddos in their rain boots and started picking!  It was so beautiful out there, just so relaxing....

I think my grandson had more fun because of all the dirt, but my grand daughter got into the picking, if she found berries hanging low enough.

My DIL and I decided we need to live on a berry farm, and do the farming, and have a store to sell jams and loaf breads and some other cute berry items.

I know it's probably a heck of alot of work, but we can dream!

Here's a nice handful of berries.  We've already decided that next year I'm going to stay a week, and we're going to make strawberry, raspberry and blueberry jam!  I think the grandkids will like the strawberry picking better, the berry plants are low to the ground, so it's perfect for them...  Gramma and mom liked picking the raspberries, because they were just the right height, no bending over!!

Here I am with my two favorite berry pickers!!  It was a great weekend!!  Thank you for checking my blog today (sorry for the blip in posting) and hopefully I'll have a card to post tomorrow!!  I'm working on swaps for the SU! convention coming up real quick in Salt Lake City!!

See you tomorrow!

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