Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Ella!

Good Morning and Happy Sunday to you!  My grandchildren have been visiting, and I have neglected my blog and have been too busy to stamp!!  We've had so much fun, a Princess (Cinderella) birthday party for Ella's 2nd birthday and a trip to Disneyland this past Tuesday!!  I will share more about the Princess party and Disneyland later this week, but today I wanted to share Ella's birthday card!  I finally did some stamping Saturday, I had to get Ella' birthday card done for her real birthday, which is today, Sunday.  I used a 2004 SU!  Princess stamp set and I think it turned out pretty cute!  When my hubby signed "Grandpa" to it, he said it was a "keeper"!!  He's so supportive of my stamping habit :-) and the biggest fan of my homemade cards...

Well here's Miss Ella, with all her Princess decor, LOVE the Cinderella earrings, the face paint with lots of glitter and her tiara - she was actually crowned "Princess Ella" by Cinderella, it was the cutest!!

And here is Ella's birthday card, I like the nice bright colors, they make it a very happy card!

So we have the Princess with the diamond tiara, and the princess wand....

The wand has lots of glitter on it, must have glitter...princesses LOVE glitter.

I wanted to add some tulle, so I used a light pink.  Light pink tulle is princessy.....

Last view, the laying down flat view, so you can see the raised details  :-)  The wand is raised a bit, and so is the 2...I can't believe Ella is 2 already, time goes by so fast, seems like we were just having the baby shower for Bethany, and eagerly waiting to welcome our baby Ella.
And Ella is sooooooooo independent, she doesn't want help with anything, she wants to do it all herself.  She's our little sweetheart.  Happy Birthday to my favorite grandaughter, Ella Bella.  Gramma love you.



  2. Total party color scheme!! Thanks again Vyvy!! Love my little Ella Bella!