Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Art of Asia

Hey Happy Hump Day!  I promised to show you some pictures from the Art of Asia class I took at Stamp Your Heart Out in downtown Claremont, CA this past Sunday.  I've been shopping at this cute little stamp store for the past 20 years!  It's a great store, with lots of variety to suit everybody!  They have great displays and lots of samples all over the store.   I feel like a kid in a candy store there!  Here's one of their many samples:

They also have demos just about every weekend..  Check out their website and see if there is something you might be interested in!  I got the ladies to look my way for a picture:

Notice everybody is smiling!  And here are the cards we made, I think my favorite is the little geisha..

The lantern stamps are very cool and can be used in so many ways.  You can stamp a design inside of the lantern or use a patterned paper.  For the round lantern we stamped the image on washi paper and cut it out...

And here are a few other samples I took pictures of from the class:

The class teacher made these, endless possibilities!  Tomorrow I'm going to have a few more cards that I created once I got home, more of the cute little geisha, and some clean and simple koi fish stamping!
Thanks for stopping by today, please stop by again tomorrow!



  1. How cute! I love all the bright color schemes. That geisha is a cutie. And I really like the intricate flower detailing and color choice in the 3rd card!

  2. Thank you Vyvy!! You're so sweet to leave such nice comments!

  3. You're welcome! Aww, thanks! I really do like your cards :)