Monday, April 2, 2012

Pin me.

I've also started using "Pinterest" recently!  I've been called a "virtual hoarder" but what better way is there to file away the things I hope I have time to do someday.  I started pinning because I was finding beautiful home made cards on the site, and so so so many other goodies!  Click on "Follow Me on Pinterest" and go to my Cards/Paper Crafting board and follow me!!  Just take a look and see if it inspires and motivates you....I think it will!!

I have an Instagram Board also, and this picture came from downtown Claremont, CA.  Claremont has one of the best stamp stores around, I've been shopping here for at least 20 years - Stamp Your Heart Out ...and here's the photo:

Claremont has a cute downtown shopping area and lots of great restaurants!

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