Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cake Pop Friday..

Well I promised to share my cake pops....I must warn you that  my chicks look more like Halloween goblins, but the grandkids won't mind....I'm glad I had these little eye balls because the food marking pen did not work - so the chicks look a little wired....

The chicks are lemon flavored, I guess they are kinda cute :-) ...  Then I made a variety of sprinkle covered pops, I love these, they just look so happy!!  They're made with rainbow chip cake and rainbow chip frosting....they are yummy!

And here's a cute little chick made with a Papertrey Ink stamp set!  I love those chick!  Enjoy, and Happy Friday!


  1. Bulging eyes chicks, still cute!

  2. GAH! I want to eat one! They look so good!